Lοve, Ρrotect, Restore

Habitat Restoration & Management of New England’s Natural Areas

Land Stewardship, Inc.

Land Stewardship, Inc. (LSI) is a native landscape restoration company specializing in planning and implementing ecological restoration and land management projects. Our focus is on benefiting native New England biodiversity overall, with an emphasis on habitats of at-risk wildlife and plant species.

We work with landowners, non-profit conservation organizations, land trusts, municipalities, and federal/state agencies on both small and landscape-scale projects alike. We provide planning and permitting support for our own projects and represent the interests, intention, and integrity for projects that require our expertise.

Land Stewardship, Inc. (LSI) is our new company as of 2016. We had formerly operated as Polatin Ecological Services, LLC (PES) from 2005 – 2015. Originally founded by Nick Holland in 2003 to serve the conservation community, LSI produced high quality baseline monitoring reports for conservation restrictions, ecological assessments, management plans, trail consulting and high accuracy GPS/GIS services across the Commonwealth. We continue to offer these services in addition to our land management contracting work honed under PES.

Seasonal Cycle of Management Activities

Habitat management and invasive plant control activities are conducted each year at the optimal time for each species.

  • Seeding (April-May)
  • Tree/shrub planting (April-June)
  • Early herbaceous invasive plants such as garlic mustard (April/May)
  • Growing season woody invasive plant treatments (May-September)
  • Swallowwort (June & August)
  • Japanese knotweed and phragmites cutting/mowing (late May/early June)
  • Purple loosestrife (July)
  • Knapweeds (August)
  • Foliar spray applications to knotweed (August)
  • Japanese stiltgrass (August)
  • Phragmites foliar spray treatment (September)
  • Seeding and planting (September-November)
  • Dormant season woody invasive plant treatments- especially bittersweet (November-December)
  • Brush cutting/clearing/forest management (November-December/February-March)